Meet The Chef

Richard Keating, a New Jersey native, began his culinary career in New York, cooking at restaurants such as Prune, Estela, Harts, and The Four Horsemen. After seven years in the Big Apple, he moved to San Francisco to explore a whole new culinary terrain. He worked at Chad Robertson’s Tartine Manufactory as Sous Chef until he was appointed Executive Sous Chef of Octavia Restaurant upon its re-opening.

"What drew me in was the emphasis on locality, hyper seasonality, and a more ethical approach to sourcing and sustenance."

How it Started

"Throughout my career, I’ve been exposed to whole animal butchery, but it wasn’t until I moved to Northern California that I really dove deep into the beauty of this craft.

Being able to not only have the space and speciality skill set, but to meet the farmers and ranchers who took such care of their cattle made me fall in love with what I aim to offer at Cookshop. Honoring the sustainable and eco-friendly methods of raising cattle and bringing it to your table."