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Who we are

Cookshop was established in May 2023 by Richard Keating and Anthony Alonso in San Francisco, California. The vision was clear to both, who after working their entire career in kitchens, decided to create something different to offer their colleagues and neighbors.

"Cookshop is at its core a whole animal butcher shop, which is the anchor to our identity and the reason why we are able to branch out into so much more. With the tools we have as chefs and butchers we are not only able to source everything as a chef would, with local impact in mind. But also expand creatively to introduce products many of us have not seen in this city."

It all starts with where we source our meat, and to us that is the most important aspect. We work with ranchers and farmers in the Pacific Northwest who utilize sustainable and environmentally friendly herding practices such as herd rotation.

Our sausages and pates are a unique variety of farms and what they bring to the table each season. This drives what we do, our impact on the collective industries that make up hospitality, and how we create robust flavors that honor the seasons. We also take special care when it comes to our cured meats such as our smoked bacon and capicola. The amount of time and care that goes into each piece of meat is our responsibility to you and to our planet. Please stop by and let us know how we can help you experience a new way to enjoy meat!

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Butcher Boxes

We are offering weekly “butcher boxes” for pre-order to be picked up every Thursday after 5:30pm at 1235 9th Avenue in the Inner Sunset. 

Butcher Boxes

This New Year, surprise someone with our special Butcher Box! That lucky person will receive a beautiful kit of sausages, pate, charcuterie, and a Cookshop Tote!

How To Find Us​

We are currently located at 1235 9th Avenue, San Francisco CA.  Please join us Thursday-Sunday from 5:30pm-8:30pm for a series of beverage and charcuterie pairings.